Mahindra Public School

Mahindra Public School, set up in 1999, is run by S. Mahinder Singh Memorial Charitable Trust, Which is a non-profit organization. The School is located far away from the chaotic city life & has a pollution free natural environs.

This is a Co-educational School. The course of studies is planned to lead upto the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, The Building is fully equipped to facilities modern teachings & learning. The School offers ample opportunities to every student to participate in school, State and national contests in every field. From class 1st to 10th computer classes are conducted to prepare the students for the computer age and stress is laid on character building through value base education.

The School is run only to prepare the students academically but also to school all round development of the especially the moral development so as to enable its pupils to blossom into responsible citizen of our country.

The school under the visionary leadership of S.NARINDER SINGH BHALERIA (The Chairman) has been working relentlessly to import quality education in this interior area of Malwa Region.